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Individual vs Organizational Engagement – 4

 Business is a Team Sport Engagement is not a yes they are, or no their not issue. There is a continuum of employee  engagement. From absolutely disconnected to incredibly productive and effective.  There is another dimension to the issue that … Continue reading

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Test of Employee Engagement… are they chewing the boss out for a lack of business performance?

And what are YOU going to do about it? That was a questioned posed by an hourly employee to the president of the company regarding productivity. Yes, she was very upset over the lack of company performance. Ever had that happen? … Continue reading

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Two Bottom-Lines, Dollars and People

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Is Your Bonus Up In The Air?

A disgruntled employee once described his company’s bonus plan this way – “at the end of the year, the boss comes out of the office carrying all the money we made… he throws it up in the air and whatever … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News, and Cheeseburgers

In this past Tuesday’s video post I related the story of fast food employees bemoaning the arrival of a charter bus full of customers. And, what a powerful metaphor it was for employee attitudes we see frequently. From VP’s at … Continue reading

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