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Total Rewards versus Total Commitment

A large edition of an Organizational Development journal came in my mail between Christmas and New Years. The cover announced their annual 2013 “Total Rewards Conference”. Hundreds of vendors will be hawking thousands of ways to reward people for something. … Continue reading

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Every employee should have skin in the game

Last week I participated in a series of management/supervisor “refresher” training sessions for a company who has utilized our Equishare System for 10 years. For two days I observed group after group of leaders truly engaged in the performance of … Continue reading

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Leadership Lessons From A Catholic Sister

Much has been written on organizational leadership. In 300 or so words, I will attempt to boil it down to three core components that I have witnessed (or not) in my 30 plus years of consulting. Key factors that exert … Continue reading

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Total Rewards versus A Coke Machine

Total Rewards versus A Coke Machine I recently Googled the term “total rewards”. The first thing that struck me was the top 6 sites were related to casino gambling. That might be a sign as to where we are headed … Continue reading

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3’s and 4’s To Motivate Employees

3’s and 4’s…less… not more. The last several posts I wrote about providing employees more information to encourage an emotional reaction to the performance of the business.  This was a highly qualified definition of “more”.  More information employees can really … Continue reading

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Something More… Something Less

In this continuing discussion of the emotional involvement of your employees in the performance of the business and the significant opportunities that would result, I want to focus on two areas – something more and something less. On the more … Continue reading

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