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“I want the highest paid people that cost me the least amount of money”… said the company president.

  Let me explain. Evidently your CFO thinks so little about how much people are paid by the hour or salary, it’s not mentioned anywhere in your financial statements. As a matter of fact, not only doesn’t he care about … Continue reading

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Total Rewards versus Total Commitment

A large edition of an Organizational Development journal came in my mail between Christmas and New Years. The cover announced their annual 2013 “Total Rewards Conference”. Hundreds of vendors will be hawking thousands of ways to reward people for something. … Continue reading

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Every employee should have skin in the game

Last week I participated in a series of management/supervisor “refresher” training sessions for a company who has utilized our Equishare System for 10 years. For two days I observed group after group of leaders truly engaged in the performance of … Continue reading

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Employee Engagement… Oxymoron?

In my last two postings I have touched on the issue of employees getting emotional at work… in a good way – as it relates to the performance of the business or organization.  Unfortunately, having been “inside” several hundred companies, … Continue reading

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Is Your Bonus Up In The Air?

A disgruntled employee once described his company’s bonus plan this way – “at the end of the year, the boss comes out of the office carrying all the money we made… he throws it up in the air and whatever … Continue reading

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