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EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – Warm & Fuzzy or Performance Driver?

    A critical distinction that will determine your strategy! THE ISSUE Recent studies show that only one employee in three is “engaged in the business”.  50% of employees would take another job if they could, and job satisfaction is at … Continue reading

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“I want the highest paid people that cost me the least amount of money”… said the company president.

  Let me explain. Evidently your CFO thinks so little about how much people are paid by the hour or salary, it’s not mentioned anywhere in your financial statements. As a matter of fact, not only doesn’t he care about … Continue reading

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Overcome Market Chaos With Engaged Employees

OR THRIVING IN THE MIDST OF CHAOS  How do two classic, “All American Manufacturers” thrive in the midst of today’s economic chaos?  The first case study is an Ohio machine tool builder with $150 million in sales. The second is … Continue reading

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Every employee should have skin in the game

Last week I participated in a series of management/supervisor “refresher” training sessions for a company who has utilized our Equishare System for 10 years. For two days I observed group after group of leaders truly engaged in the performance of … Continue reading

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Total Rewards versus A Coke Machine

Total Rewards versus A Coke Machine I recently Googled the term “total rewards”. The first thing that struck me was the top 6 sites were related to casino gambling. That might be a sign as to where we are headed … Continue reading

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3’s and 4’s To Motivate Employees

3’s and 4’s…less… not more. The last several posts I wrote about providing employees more information to encourage an emotional reaction to the performance of the business.  This was a highly qualified definition of “more”.  More information employees can really … Continue reading

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$50 Bills On The Floor

This week I am continuing our discussion of providing employees with more information… understandable information, that contributes to ratcheting up some emotional reaction to business performance. A friend of mine once said, “communication is not about information, but rather inspiration”, … Continue reading

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