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Business Fundamentals Never Change… Though Often Ignored.

This is the shortest, most poignant blog I have ever written. A “fundamental” yes or no. Business fundamentals never change, though often ignored. They are – maximize revenue, minimize expense, optimize profit. They only problem is the majority of your … Continue reading

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Doing Leadership versus Talking Leadership

It is a study in contrasts – doing versus talking. Having worked closely with approximately 300 senior management teams, I have seen it all. Relative to this subject two interesting case studies come to mind. As in most things, the … Continue reading

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Driving The Economics of Employee Engagement – Part 1

The subject of Employee Engagement is getting a lot of press lately. Books, articles, forums – every possible variable in the engagement conundrum are discussed ad infinitum. Walking through Barnes and Noble recently I spied a book that I assumed … Continue reading

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“I want the highest paid people that cost me the least amount of money”… said the company president.

  Let me explain. Evidently your CFO thinks so little about how much people are paid by the hour or salary, it’s not mentioned anywhere in your financial statements. As a matter of fact, not only doesn’t he care about … Continue reading

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3’s and 4’s To Motivate Employees

3’s and 4’s…less… not more. The last several posts I wrote about providing employees more information to encourage an emotional reaction to the performance of the business.  This was a highly qualified definition of “more”.  More information employees can really … Continue reading

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What are YOU going to do about it?

And what are YOU going to do about it? That was a questioned posed by an hourly employee in the plant to the president of the company regarding productivity. Yes, she was very upset over the lack of company performance. … Continue reading

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