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Every employee should have skin in the game

Last week I participated in a series of management/supervisor “refresher” training sessions for a company who has utilized our Equishare System for 10 years. For two days I observed group after group of leaders truly engaged in the performance of … Continue reading

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Total Rewards versus A Coke Machine

Total Rewards versus A Coke Machine I recently Googled the term “total rewards”. The first thing that struck me was the top 6 sites were related to casino gambling. That might be a sign as to where we are headed … Continue reading

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3’s and 4’s To Motivate Employees

3’s and 4’s…less… not more. The last several posts I wrote about providing employees more information to encourage an emotional reaction to the performance of the business.  This was a highly qualified definition of “more”.  More information employees can really … Continue reading

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$50 Bills On The Floor

This week I am continuing our discussion of providing employees with more information… understandable information, that contributes to ratcheting up some emotional reaction to business performance. A friend of mine once said, “communication is not about information, but rather inspiration”, … Continue reading

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Softball Drives Business Performance

Recently I was taking a tour of a potential client’s facilities. As I was walking along with the company president and the general manager, we passed by a particular employee and the president remarked ,“he is one of the least … Continue reading

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“WE” are making money!

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