Exponential Employee Engagement… Drives Financial Performance

Exponential Employee Engagement… We call it Engagement 2

 There are two critical missing ingredients in virtually every employee engagement initiative that, when present, produce exponentially improved business results. They are tactical and compensation components. Simply put, what are the specific financial objectives this month and what is the team’s share for achieving them? Big, bold, crystal clear, measurable, real-time, every employee,every month, meaningful. One team – one goal – winning together.

Let’s be candid… 90% of your employees have no idea what the business financial objectives are month-to-month. And that’s not their fault. Sure, they may be “happy” and “engaged” in the traditional sense, but can you point to the financial statement and show me where happy is? Should it be any surprise if you don’t meet budget when employees are unaware of, and unaffected by, your business objectives? Employees may be connected with the company culture but disconnected from financial performance – and if so, it’s costing your business enormous opportunity.

Our Equishare System™ incorporates Engagement2… a structured approach to defining financial performance in a unique and effective way that every employee can understand and effect, then driving it through the organization. Establishing and aggressively pursuing specific business financial objectives, and equitably rewarding every employee monthly for achieving outstanding business results. A proven, long- term strategy utilizing enhanced engagement techniques. Please contact me if you would like to discuss your opportunities for 2016-17.

 Karl F. Muller


About Karl F. Muller

Specializing in driving Organizational Performance to new levels. Utilizing a tactical and focused four (4) part strategy to engage all employees in the pursuit and achievement of performance and real financial results. Applicable to manufacturing, service, distribution and corporate services groups. We have worked throughout North America with businesses and facilities ranging from 50 to 5,000 employees, union/non-union. Define... Measure... Pursue... Reward. Celebrating our 30th year. 200 public speaking engagements, 5,500 senior managers trained, 700 organizations assessed. We are serious, tactical, focused. No fancy corporate speak, no blue suits. Just Results. The Muller Group, Inc.
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