Post Election… Serious Challenges Ahead

The election results…bad news and good news. Bad news first… business lost. Good news is that after months of distractions, we now know what the landscape looks like going forward. Extremely challenging. Business will have to sharpen its edge more then ever to overcome the additional burden of cost, regulation, Obamacare, energy, etc.

Unfortunately, the cost of payroll, fringes, and healthcare will absolutely require the leanest, most productive/effective workforce possible, and a critical component of future profitability. In fact, it may be the single greatest variable that will determine your success or failure going forward.

We’ve been providing our clients with systems and strategies for 25+ years to drive organizational performance. No silver bullets, just rock solid, time-tested tools to operate your present business with 10 to 30% fewer employees, or realize 10 to 30% more output with the same employees. High tech, low tech, whether volume is flat or increasing, the singular question is… how many employees and at what payroll/benefit cost could you really operate your business – competitively and successfully? That’s the million-dollar question. We can give you a solid, factual answer to that question in 4 weeks. Data not hype.

As a capitalist, I recoil at the the thought of not hiring, but we are in a whole new world, a new normal. It is better to layoff 50 and succeed, then fail and lose 500 jobs.

High tech, low tech, service, or manufacturing – if you have 100 employees, could you perform with 85? If you have 1,000 could you perform better with 850? Answering that question, then providing the strategy to execute, is what we have done for 25 years… throughout the U.S.

Call or email me. In 4 weeks you can have a whole new plan and paradigm.


About Karl F. Muller

Specializing in driving Organizational Performance to new levels. Utilizing a tactical and focused four (4) part strategy to engage all employees in the pursuit and achievement of performance and real financial results. Applicable to manufacturing, service, distribution and corporate services groups. We have worked throughout North America with businesses and facilities ranging from 50 to 5,000 employees, union/non-union. Define... Measure... Pursue... Reward. Celebrating our 30th year. 200 public speaking engagements, 5,500 senior managers trained, 700 organizations assessed. We are serious, tactical, focused. No fancy corporate speak, no blue suits. Just Results. The Muller Group, Inc.
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