Something More… Something Less

In this continuing discussion of the emotional involvement of your employees in the performance of the business and the significant opportunities that would result, I want to focus on two areas – something more and something less.

On the more side.  There are a number of key ingredients in the “recipe” to encourage and motivate employees to a higher level of performance. I use the term “recipe”, to illustrate the point that ALL ingredients have to be in the bowl, in the proper proportions, for the organizational cake to bake. Frequently managers have a sequential mindset… last year we did this…. now we’ll try this…. and next year we will implement that… all in the pursuit of engaging employees. You don’t bake a cake one ingredient at a time.

In my 25 plus years seeing hundreds of companies succeed and fail at really getting their employees to a significantly higher level of performance and reaping the financial rewards of such, a list of common denominators has emerged. This list of organizational ingredients has either been in their mix or not and the results highly predictable, good and bad. One VERY key ingredient –

The Big Three – a universally understood and communicated definition and real-time measure of performance. If I walk through your offices and facilities today and asked employees, “What are the top 3 goals for this company, this month? It is the 14th of June, how are we looking so far? If we continue at this rate, how will your paycheck look at month end… better, worse, no difference”? Nine times out of ten, I get blank stares at these questions. That’s not good. Would you watch a football game with no scoreboard? I wouldn’t either, but that is what we ask our employees to do every day.

If your employees don’t understand and know the big picture, the key objectives, they will never understand how they fit in. If they don’t financially participate in achieving results THIS MONTH, they won’t care.

“More” next posting.


About Karl F. Muller

Specializing in driving Organizational Performance to new levels. Utilizing a tactical and focused four (4) part strategy to engage all employees in the pursuit and achievement of performance and real financial results. Applicable to manufacturing, service, distribution and corporate services groups. We have worked throughout North America with businesses and facilities ranging from 50 to 5,000 employees, union/non-union. Define... Measure... Pursue... Reward. Celebrating our 30th year. 200 public speaking engagements, 5,500 senior managers trained, 700 organizations assessed. We are serious, tactical, focused. No fancy corporate speak, no blue suits. Just Results. The Muller Group, Inc.
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